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Comment 16 by Martin_C :

I just don't get it! If you don't believe that Jesus CHRIST was literally the son of god, then you are not a CHRISTian! Is it not that simple? I don't see why you should be able to call yourself a christian otherwise. It's like going about calling yourself a republican when you vote liberal, it makes no sense, is very confusing and dishonest.

From now on I am referring to apples as bananas to make my point. There is a reason that words have definitions!

Absolutely! There is the Credo which starts as follows:-

"I believe in one god all powerful father , maker of heaven and earth, all things visible and invisible. And in one lord Jesus Christ only begotten son born of the father."

A significant number of self-identified christians to not believe in god and some don't believe Jesus existed!

(I am not, incidentally, a faithhead. I have NEVER been a believer. I saw through religion at about the age of six.The reason I know the words is I know Latin so I can translate and I am musical. I have sung the words of the mass in a secular setting many times. In fact I have a Mozart mass playing as I type this. )

Paula spoke excellently. She is extremely eloquent and is fortunate to have an excellent speaking voice with a calm and soothing air about it. This was the perfect answer to the interviewer who tried to make her out as aggressive. As someone who has done radio and TV interviews myself. I found the Scottish and Cornish interviewers extraordinarily hostile and "strident". :-)

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