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Thanks for positive responses, everyone!

Jel: It was also interesting that all of the other 3 concentrated on their view that this research was just about telling christians that they weren't christians, or how christians should be. Paula had to pick them up on this each time and show that this research was more about how christians viewed things and wasn't RDF trying to impose anything on them.

I think this was just a reflection of the way these things are organised. I learned on Tuesday that BBC local radio interviews are co-ordinated centrally: the co-ordinator books a block of time in a studio for the guest, then offers local radio stations around the country the opportunity to book a short slot during that time for an interview. I assume that, as part of that process, the co-ordinator sends out a briefing note containing a summary of why local stations might want to interview the guest, because it was very noticeable that practically all of the interviewers in the 15 interviews I did during that one-and-three-quarter-hour stint used the same lead-in and the same description of the story, and asked very similar kinds of questions, on the whole.

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