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← Jon Stewart Rips Fox News Christians For Comparing Obama Birth Control Mandate To Nazi Germany (VIDEO)

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I absolutely loved this rant, and sadly haven't seen one like that since Jon Stewart picked on Megyn Kelly's new hair/new stance on maternity leave. There was a point last year where he came out with a report like this every week. . . from picking on FOX News for their misinformation (what Jon Stewart called scaling "Mount Fib") to his explanation of the math involved with taxing the poor. . . the guy was on a roll. I understand that he doesn't want to end up being another liberal mouthpiece, but his best stuff is when he lectures FOX on its hypocrisies and double-speak. Sure, he picks on CNN as well once in a while, but never on moral grounds, so I personally feel kinda bad for CNN even while I'm laughing at them.

But this one segment is probably picking the low-hanging fruit, anyway. Nazi analogies are always, always silly. We're not dumb enough to think our US leaders are as bad as race supremacists or genocidal dictators, and no amount of comparison-drawing is ever going to convince us to be that cynical.

Fri, 17 Feb 2012 17:38:08 UTC | #918927