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← Councils win prayer 'rights' as ministers fast track Localism Act powers

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The battle starts with ideas, thoughts, words and ends in acts. The thought precedes the act.

In order to win the war, you must win the battle of words first. Here's how: you start with framing the enemy in a way that suits your purpose: winning.

If a judge upholds the law, you call her action "judicial activism". If the secularist asks for One Law for All, you call him an "intolerant secularist".If an atheist makes his point in a clinically clear and calm manner, you call him a "shrill" or a "militant atheist" or "just like the fundamentalists". Once you've framed the enemy in the way that you want, say, as a threat to national security on a par with actual, bomb-making nutters, then he or she is ready for the taking. You can pass all manner of regulations against him, enact all kinds of tortures upon him, and, eventually eviscerate him or her. The thought precedes the act, people!

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