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It is always ironic, and sometimes in a strange way amusing how self-styled political pundits who precisely know zilch about 20th century European history (or any other period in history, for that matter) believe they are qualified to draw comparisons. Besides the appalling fact that there is apparently still a large audience out there which actually believes this nonsense word for word.

So in this installment, we are treated to yet another comparison of contraception to Hitler's fascist Third Reich. Birth control is somehow supposed to be similar to the Nazi mass genocide.


The only thing that remotely resembles my country's abominable fascist movement of the 1930s and 40s is the way in which the American Christian Right and moral crusaders attack people's sexual and reproductive rights. And not content with declaring abortion mass murder, now they are also trying to portray the humble birth control as somehow being just the same. Devoid of any scientific proof to back up this claim (and in some ways even utilizing their own brand of junk science), but as is customary with the Christian Right, simply by repeating the same ideological lies over and over again, to condition its sheeple to believe even the most horrid falsehoods, and influence public opinion to pave the way for repressive and draconian laws and persecution.

And in this respect, it is very much ironic that the Christian Right is in fact yet again the true fascist movement, the true embodiment of everything it accuses its opponents to be. Which was also a strategy that was used by the Nazis - making the Jews out to be Germany's parasites, Germany's downfall, the personification of everything that was wrong with the country. Or as we say here in Germany - everytime you point a finger at somebody, three of your fingers are pointing back at you.

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