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Judging by the comments on the Telegraph's blogs re Baronness Warsi and Steven Bayley, which were largely hostile to both, the editor of the Sunday Telegraph might just allow something favourable to be said about Richard.

I'm so fed up with dishonest Christians claiming the credit for abolishing slavery. In Jamaica, William Wilberforce is hardly known. The slaves themselves rebelled and generally made things difficult for the owners. Slavery became too expensive to run. Far better for the owners to have wage slaves instead. They have to look after themselves. The Bishop of Rochester made the claim that Christianity had abolished the slave trade, the other night on News Night with Richard present. What they conveniently forget is all the opposition from other Christians to Wilberforce's movement. The CoE versus the Clapham Sect! They also conveniently forget the 1000 plus years whereby the church actively condoned slavery. They cherry pick the Bible and they cherry pick history too!

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