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I think we can see why the UK press is subject to such investigation at the moment. Check your phone isn't being hacked Richard! :-)

Seriously though, this is a deplorable tactic. As was pointed out some years ago on the old forum your ancestry can be traced back to early kings of England. So can Charles Darwin's and unfortunately George W. Bush's too. It is just that in your case records exist. As you are fond of saying all life on earth is a cousin some how.

The one consolation is that the survey has obviously got them rattled and they are looking for anything with which to attack you. It means you are doing a good job.

You have nothing to be ashamed about. Your descendants will be able to point to you with real pride.

Sometimes the Daily Telegraph puts stuff on the web early. I have had trouble with them breaking an embargo like that! I don't know if it applies to the Sunday paper too. So look out everyone.

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