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Comment 22 by AtheistEgbert :

There is no single newspaper that has any of my respect. It's about time atheists, sceptics, humanists set up their own newspaper or news organization free of corruption, where reason and facts come first, and emotion and gossip come last. Make Nick Cohen the editor.

That will never happen. It takes a certain kind of almost superstitious fear to carry on the Fox "News" tradition of never ending garbage. A rational person is, almost by definition, someone willing the let the little things go to deal with the big picture. Hate and anger take an almost active act of ignorance. Intelligence simply is. Think about it. Who was for ages the big standard bearer of the so called liberal elite in media in the US? Walter Cronkite. Who is the right wing been propping up? Rush, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Case closed.

Sat, 18 Feb 2012 14:19:42 UTC | #919216