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I would like to point out to Mr Cocksure that Richard's 2 Million pound share of this property is really quite a modest holding in the scheme of things these days and was possibly only capable of being retained by him by being subsidised from external earnings from his own personal exertion. I have experience of that from having had to subsidise my own farm from my work as a scientist.

Expanding on my own ancestry mentioned in an earlier post (comment 100 above) not only am I descended from slave traders and slave owners but I am also descended from two "slaves" or convicts who were shipped out to Australia (quite possibly by ancestors of Mr Cocksure and Mr Lusher) for trivial misdemeanors to work the farms of the privileged. Maybe they would be happy to compensate me for the possible actions of their ancestors.

Pursuing lines of illogic like this is not only mischievous and offensive it is also totally stupid.

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