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@Steve Zara: I've read quite a few of your comments and fail to see how you can dislike secularism. From what I've read on secularism it is true seperation of state from church, giving it no special consideration just as gov't should give no one and nothing else special consideration. (< In a perfect world, of course, but I'm working on the assumption that's what we're trying to do.) Religions have gotten so much special consideration in the past that its become a given... high time we cut that in the nub. If religion has something good to propose (not holding my breath), it can be weighed by the people appointed to gov't and incorporated if it is good. This thing about contraceptives is a sideshow... I say forget the contraceptives, stop funding these hospitals with gov't money while allowing the church to say they're in control and giving them any power in the matter.

One monster is enough... it really sucks being an atheist because I have to fight the church as well as the state. ;( Though I hope I live long enough to see the war of church vs state and who will win. ;}

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