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I can't help feeling that the secular argument needs to choose which points to emphasize better.

If we're trying to win over a lot of the 'fuzzy' christians, to let them see that actually they share our secular values (and maybe aren't really christians at all), we need to highlight the more important issues that may resonate with them.

Many people have seemed to be a bit stumped trying to understand the point of this poll, Richard has explained it many times, by saying it's to stop broad figures being used to support much more narrowly supported views.

the fuzzies need to be given some clear examples that they can easily identify with and know which side they're on. The Bishops in the house of lords I feel might be a bit of a "meh, so what?" kind of point, if they even know about the house of lords in the first place.

Where as if you talk about gay rights, gay adoption, gay marriage, abortion, contraception, tax breaks for married couples, school admissions to 1/3 of our state funded schools placing non-church attenders at the bottom of the pile, then I think you will strike a note with many of the normal average people out there, including ones who nominally call themselves christian.

It also forces the opponents (Christine for example) to either support you in your liberal stance on abortion or gay marriage, or come out against it and make themselves look bad in the eyes of the majority of the fussy christians they are trying to speak for. win win.

I'd stick to these kinds of moral, emotionally charged issues to get our point across, not so much the more dreary bishops in house of lords kind of point.

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