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Comment 7 by Steve Zara

Why did the hairs on the back of my neck just tingle as I read this?

It's strange beyond anything imaginable. The normal rules of our thoughts don't work for what we see shown in that picture. Nothing about it is familiar, there is nothing there that is like anything we know. It's as if we are peeking through a crack into another reality that is built differently, and we can find no words to say what we see. Time and space don't apply in ways we are used to, and neither does logic. All we have to work with is mathematics, and that mathematics doesn't turn out anything we can visualise, only probabilities, and we can't even know what it is that is probable. We don't know what an electron is, what charge is, what spin is - they are just numbers that predict what will happen, probably.

Everything we 'see' on that scale is illusion, because seeing means nothing on that scale.

Yes indeed...the same applies at the opposite end of the scale for me too. It's a pleasant task for me just to start to think about it all, never mind any comprehension of what is going on. Still, it's wonderful living in these times where this sort of thing is going on and there are people with brains to work all this stuff out.

Right you, get back to that book writing you promised you'd focus on.

Tue, 21 Feb 2012 10:17:41 UTC | #920313