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but that fact does not eliminate the valid subject of worldwide nuclear threats.

But it does pretty effectively establish the extremely low level for those worldwide nuclear threats. In this instance, pretty much everything possible went wrong, including washing much of the plant's infrastructure away, but still, no one has been killed. The resultant clean-up will be expensive and inconvenient, but industrial accidents are always so, whether or not the n-word is involved.

Modern civilizationi cannot survive without concentrated energy sources. Electricity cannot be stored in industrial quantities; everytime someone turns on a light bulb, someone at a power plant has to shovel a bit more coal; with pollution from China's coal plants darkening skies over California, that may not be the best idea.

Unless society adpots a convention that power needn't be available at all times, then part-time power sources like wind and solar will always be a wet dream. Despite years of dogma asserting otherwise, rational assessment of the available evidence suggests that no practical alternatives to nuclear exist at this point in time.

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