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What about the hundreds of thousands of people that had to leave their homeland because of this event? What about the thousands of Japanese that are leaving their country to make sure that their children grow up in an environment where they don't need to be afraid of what they eat, of whether the rain is safe or whether the next earthquake could trigger another melt down?

The tsunami was an incredible tragedy. What happened in consequence to the earth quake and the tsunami to nuclear power plants is not less tragic. The number of death victims might be higher. And don't give me the "no one has died yet" nonsense. No one really knows for sure what consequence the melt downs will have.

Be it as it may. The fear induced by these events is not only felt by stupid people, as the article obnoxiously suggests. Those who think that after Mayak, Chernobyl, and Fukushima only stupid people are critical about nuclear energy should reexamine their logic. And if that doesn't work, they should maybe but their physics books down and get some historical, biological, medical, political, or philosophical education. It is an incredible matter and knowing a fraction of the science required to understand the matter does not suffice.

Whether the fear of alpha, beta, gamma, internal or external radiation is rational or not is one side of the equation. The fear of radiation after a tripple nuclear meltdown is real and far from baseless.

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