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Blockquote and hopefully someday fusion power

Fusion requires tritium that is highly radioactive with a half life of 12.4 years. It is also highly volatile and difficult to contain. Fusion is not the answer.

Point taken, I could live with 12.5 years (although it is a few election cycles) but better than 10 000 years. I suspect fusion may in the end be not necessary. One science podcast I was listening to was citing China as being on track to produce solar panels (they have all our - Australia's best solar technology now) for same price per kilowatt hour as coal. If they can do this the argument is over and the need for fusion will be gone. It will also be the point at which the coal mining industry in Australia crashes and we will realise that perhaps we should have backed ourselves. But all this remains to be seen. As electric car become more popular there will be a ready made storage solution available as well.

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