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As an American, and a materialist, I am still trying to get my head around the paradox of this baroness Warsi and her alliance with the Pope. There is a veritable stew of myths here.

Totally aside from the religious myths in play, her baroness-ness (barony?) is also a myth, isn't it? I mean the whole concept of royalty / family nobility is a myth that is derived from the myth of divinity.

But she is a Muslim, and came from another culture with its own myths, so it's like someone coming from another fictional world and wanting to join yours.

It's Anna Karenina wanting to join Lady Macbeth, Tosca wanting to sing in The Sound of Music, Princess Lea wanting to play Cat Woman. For it to work, we all have to agree to the myth.

Which I'm happy to do for literature, music, and cartoon fantasy, but not for government.

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