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We should remember that the heavy demand for power comes from motors and heating.

With properly designed heat-balanced - heat storage buildings with heat pumps, insulation and managed ventilation, other devices such as computers, TVs & radios can run part-time on batteries. Devices such as washing machines can be run at particular times of day. Energy prices could reflect this.

There are numerous designs for energy efficient houses. - Even my UK conventional house with wall and loft insulation, has the rooms on the SE side, adequately heated by direct sunlight - into large picture windows on sunny days.

The real Fukushima issue, is population pressure pushing people into living in geographically unsafe areas, such as tsunami and surge vulnerable coasts, high-risk areas of earthquake and volcanic activity, places in the line of flash-floods etc. Building vulnerable types of nuclear reactors in such places is very stupid. Usually it political pressure for a cheap job which leads to such decisions. There will always be politicians and their followers, who put "tax-cuts" before investment in the future. (Biblically we could call this the "Prodigal Son" effect)

I recall the flooding of New Orleans, where the environmental concerns about the destruction of protective swam-land were ignored, - cheap shoddy levees with pitifully inadequate shallow foundations were built , with electric pumping systems with their electric motors below sea-level and fed by overhead power-lines which collapsed during hurricanes, - all were added to the problems of a naturally sinking and deteriorating geographical location which had already sunk to 15 feet below sea level!.

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