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Comment 18 by Celtic Atheist

Can't help thinking that maybe the Tories are quite happy to kick off a public debate about religion now as it distracts attention from the fact that the bankers have recently (again) awarded themselves eye-watering bonuses out of tax payers' money, while everyone else struggles with the cuts.

That may be true, although I've no idea why the Tories get the blame for bankers awarding themselves large bonuses. The culture of huge bonuses really kicked in during the previous Labour government, and the Labour government had the perfect opportunity when they bailed-out the banks to make it a part of the deal that large bonuses were no longer permitted, or at least not until the banks were entirely straightened out. It's classic Labour hypocracy to try to pass on the blame now to the Tories.

Wed, 22 Feb 2012 12:29:46 UTC | #920709