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Why do the religous not understand that the absence of religion from the public sphere is not equivelent to the promotion of atheism. Someone needs to put forth a resolution that says, fine we can have prayer, but there must be one prayer for each belief system in Britian/US or where ever. And after 2 hours of white noise there is an atheist prayer that is something along the lines of "though there is no god to hear this so bowing my head is stupid as I'm just really addressing the people in this room, I am still going to endorse the scientific method and skepticism as the only real way our species has of acquiring knowledge. Though there may be wisdom in traditional religion it is overshadowed by barbarism and the metaphysical claims are all bullshit anyways... in the name of joe pesci, the end". Maybe then they will understand that secularism the the only truely neutral position. Probably not though...

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