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Madam Baroness is playing a game called 'shirt tails'

There is no other explanation or logic applicable to her drooling.

She is a Muslim...that is actively extolling, ostensibly, Christianity in Blighty.

She is wringing handy pandies and moaning long lyrically and shrilly about secularism and the evil that represents to religion...wait what?...ahhh!...religion becomes clear now!

She is an envoy and representative of Her Maj's poor excuse for a government. A government that the prime minister insists is a government in power of a 'Christian country'

She cannot directly whine and blabber about Muslim rights to a foreign governmental representatives. Because that is incompatible to her position representing Blighty Government with a Christian populace.

But she can moan and groan and cry big blubbery tears over 'RELIGION' and its struggles with a secular world.

She is simply canvassing for the major xian cult (the RCC) to apply pressure and threats to the likes of Gove and other dimbulbs in the cabinet along with mixed and varied backbenchers with less intelligence then a rusty nail (excuses to rusty nails , at least they can give you tetanus) to introduce legislation protecting, promoting and encouraging absolute 'no go areas' for the sceptical, with regards to combating, commenting on or criticizing religious excesses and inanity.

Such beefed up legislation would apply to all religions...and by all religions I mean Islam...

She does not give a flying jigajig for xianity...because we all know that xianity has more then enough privilege in our society...but Islam wants sharia law introduced into Blighty...they are not likely to get full compliance under present arrangements but a more draconian gag on secularity would allow them to do what they want with who they want.

Friday night in Bradford might end up as a Punishment gala...'come and watch the lashes and hear the women scream and the stones of many does it take? and who can aim best?...prizes of a gold embossed Koran for the most damage per 5 stone fling...a sharp sword is a tool of allah..etc etc etc....'

It is fucking repugnant...and yet that is what they want...because they will not be satisfied with a watered down version...that is for damn is un-Islamic.

That is the religious tolerance she is gagging for...she might just get it...the Blighty government seems riven with right wing jeebus drooling dullards, it is a bit of a shoe in really!

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