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It is a shocking indictment on our human rights that we cannot insist all children within the walls of Britain are entitled not to:

1) Be physically and psychologically abused due: having their genitalia incised and be forced into marriages they have no possible option to avoid against their choosing - amounting essentially to sanctioned rape!

2) Have their minds subverted and oppressed by extraordinary commendation of myth and fiction taking precedence over reason and the centuries of progressive education that demands a completely different mindset to that which myth insists is paramount!

It is further abhorrent that such values are interfering with the rights of the regular public to have a say or opinion on this of any relevance within the contexts of a progressive and democratic society. Quite the reverse is the case! Swathes of cumulative irrational dominance is bullying the minds of the electorate and more pointedly those in power, to subvert the nation due repeated insistence that bullying tactics deserve kudos. Fiction and myth hold sway amongst an increasingly educated population purely due unreasonable dominance complaining bitterly that somehow a non existent fiction will be eternally offended if this is not given extra special, reason resilient, dominance and position a regular person would never be considered sane for demanding! Reason and science are being reduced into a poor mans option and the common equitable good subjected to the bullies agenda - the non existent gods of history and religions manufacture are all out for their own long term aims and elitist self serving glorification to weaken and demand servility from the sincere and sensible amongst us!

It is quite profound that such a position as the religious takes is able to demand respect and subvert the rest of us, as if in fact it is us who are unreasonable and disrespectful!

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