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I'm going to apologise in advance for the string of profanities that I'm about to launch on these 'faith' fucks. One, because I'm sick of them and two, because I just finished Frankie Boyle's new album and I'm feeling particularly nasty.

That being said, here goes. Since when is honesty anything other than honest. It doesn't have to be nice, and most of the time it isn't.

"Fuck you and screw your stupid, ignorant and moronic ideas that have no basis in reality; You don't belong in the conversation, and it should be a crime that ignorant scum like you get to vote" ..

.. may not sound nice, but may very well be the absolute truth. We're dealing with the real world, reality.. if your opinions are formed and based on a being that has no foundation in reality your view should not have any impact on the conversation.

Why is it so difficult for these morons to understand. They would not pay attention to someone speaking on behalf of invisible, floating garage dwelling dragons who spit heatless fire; why the fuck should anyone have to listen to, let alone do anything because of their insane delusions.

I despise religion with the passion of a thousand burning suns, I just wish there was some way for us to get these people to understand how stupid we think their beliefs are. Even when we point out some insane pretend entity that they would never believe, they somehow cannot make the connection that their beliefs are just as idiotic.

Them saying that Richard is militant or strident etc. also boils me. He's spent his life on evolution, he's extremely well educated on the matter, and it's as if these people are saying, yes, sure you know what you're talking about when it comes to evolution; but who are you to comment on the content of my psychotic episodes, and the bearing they have on the universe..

It would be like having a cosmologist on and getting his evidence based views on the universe and then turning to some grade school drop out with brain damage and giving the same weight to his view that the sky is just a blanket and the stars are just holes in the blanket.

Ok, I'm done ranting... Kudos to the article author, haven't been this pissed after an article in quite a while.

Wed, 22 Feb 2012 22:53:11 UTC | #920848