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Perhaps a nice booby-trapped straw-man could provide these idiot writers with a target.

Let me give you an analogy, based on a real situation where some loony-left politicians had showed a determination to gratuitously attack development issues I explained in a newspaper.

When opponents who are armed with fanatical ideology and the helmet of faith, are determined to charge and repeatedly batter their heads to break out ludicrous alternative doorways to objectives, a fake door nailed on to a thick concrete wall, (and then given a passing mention to attract their attention), can provide them with a prolonged opportunity for attacking the opposition, "and showing their true way forward" in which they can beat their heads on their "door to the future", to their heart's content, without any prospect of success!

It can then be pointed out to observers, that there was never a doorway there in the first place, and that the appropriate route was pointed out to the head-bangers, before they perversely decided to "know better", and pose as leaders to the crowd!

(The design of various medieval castles had a physical version of this to trap attackers who rushed in.)

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