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I have just received a press release from Baroness Warsi, hot off the press: -

Forget the militant Islamists- the new terror brigade are here. Coming to a street near you (well possibly the same county as you at least) a new threat has emerged- MILITANT SECULARISTS. Spreading dangerous anti-theocracy ideas and insisting on evidence for specious claims- these vagabonds, often armed with gray matter weighing in at several pounds and a tiny bit of knowledge of the Scientific method, are truly frightening adversaries. If you suspect a friend or loved one of supporting or sympathising with this group- approach with extreme caution, especially if they look like they are about to set off on an explosive rant!

If you want to make sure that your government definately 'does God' (it doesn't matter which one!), rather than actually bothering to deal with real problems, then please support our "ad hominem smear attack" policy. Several newspapers have already taken up our cause. Whatever you do don't directly address the arguments of the MILITANT SECULARISTS as they always seem to win their intelligence squared debates!

Thu, 23 Feb 2012 00:34:35 UTC | #920879