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Why do people hate Richard so much!? seriously, all I ever read on the comment section whenever I read these artciles is religious people making personal attacks towards RD. And in general these last few articles just attacking proffesor Dawkins are horrible, and somehow that's ok, one can get away with bashing the atheist. I cannot help to wonder if they'd get away with it ,if instead of RD being a 'militant athiest', he was a 'militant christian', "preaching" his religion. I can just picture the scandal that people would make if nespapers attacked him and disliked him for being a "militant christian", they'd immediately start complaining of how christianity is being marginalized, and how intolerant people are, and don't respecting freedom of speech. And meanwhile, it's ok to bash against the "militant atehist" (or the pope of atheism, or any other silly nickname that they come up with). You have to love when religious people of this kind talk about morality, I don't know if they see the irony in there...

Thu, 23 Feb 2012 02:18:22 UTC | #920903