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Moral of the story: never judge an article by its title, and certainly never blame the author for it.

Can I second that! I have also had my writings re-titled to a new slant by editors! The other sad fact is that many semi-literate sheeples, never understand more than the title, once they have put on their theist-filter-specs which remove any unpalatable facts, challenging their muddled ideas, so moving them into cheer-leaders-for-the-home-church mode ! - Troofy defenders of the faith, and abusers of the targeted heretics! The irrational abuse, coupled with minds totally closed to considering the real objective information which has been provided in the survey, is well illustrated in the authors of articles mentioned. Others will copy views based on their ignorance preserving rubbish.

Just an aside really, but I feel very dispirited when people get called sheeple. I've never meet a sheeperson in my life, where are they all at? All I've ever dealt with are human beings, some clever and some ignorant, with varied interests and different emotional buttons. How can you expect someone to engage in your viewpoint if you call them "sheeple"? It's not very kind.

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