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Comment 4 by Andres Heredia Why do people hate Richard so much!? seriously, all I ever read on the comment section whenever I read these artciles is religious people making personal attacks towards RD.

I can remember reading "The Selfish Gene" by Richard ,soon after it was published all those years ago, when I was then, a Christian, albeit "lite", believer. The book was not about relgion of course, but I can still remember the rather indignant feeling inside me at the time, when Richard stated that it was the gene, and its blind "selfishness" that was the principle, and thus the most important aspect of our continued existence as a species. In my eyes then, he appeared to denigrate the human to a mere vehicle for our genes, which of course it is, in reality (but no less wonderful for it).

At that time I found this new way of thinking about ourselves as totally unacceptable, and as a consequence, really hated Richard for what he was trying to do. I would have been quite happy then to target the man and not the argument. Happily today, I now view Richard's work in an entirely different way, and his subsequent books have moved me over to the side of reason, culminating in The God Delusion, which had a profound effect on my way of thinking.

How many others out there have had a similar experience to my own, I wonder. Have we now simply got down to the hard core of religious bigots who we are never going to break. Judging by the Mori survey, and at least as far as Christianity is concerned, excellent progress is still being made, so take heart!

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