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I think there is a vulnerability in the goddist's side which might be exploited - Baroness Warsi being the Conservative Party chairperson, and Cameron having said 'Britain does God' we might advantageously tarnish the whole Conservative Party with their pro-religious statements.

If instead of saying 'Baroness Warsi says...' we always say something along the lines of

'Religious hardliners within the Conservative Party say...'

'A spokesperson for the Conservative Party said...'

'Leaders of the Conservative Party want...'

'The Conservative policy to promote the interests of religious fundamentalists requires...'

It's one thing for Cameron to 'flirt' with the religionists to get a few extra votes, quite another to get his whole party mired by association, as the Republicans have done in the States. It would be a serious threat to the Party, especially in the light of the MORI poll results, and over time he would be forced to distance himself and the Party from the Godmilitants.

Thu, 23 Feb 2012 08:18:21 UTC | #920958