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Yes, I agree with JackR and monkey's uncle.

Not only are RD, DD, SH and the late CH (and their predecessors) winning the argument; they have the best arguments -- pending contrary, verifiable evidence, I hasten to add. And what's more, their arguments not only have more than a ring of truth to them; they also have an air of freshness about them.

The religious hate these arguments because their age-old, crinkly-kneed "truths" are being found wanting in a major way. And they hate this. They feel threatened; beleaguered even. Wouldn't you? Think about it: if you were religious, you would cherish Authority and Faith, right. Both of these are grand-old-men of human existence. Well, up comes Reason, a johnny-come-lately, a pimply-faced uppity teenager in the story of life who likes nothing more than to poke a finger at both Authority and Faith. Annoying? Very much so, if you're religious. The religious would like nothing more than to throw a Divine ASBO (formerly called The Inquisition) at us -- but they can't, not anymore.

Did I just call RD a pimply-faced brat? Well there's a first!

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