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Religion is a superpower. Belief is the staple diet of religion. Predominantly belief is the childhood tool to hijack all the positive emotions humans employ as if they were founded in dogma. Belief seduces and insists you concede how you feel and think originated in myth. e.g. God is love, therefore without god I am NOT love becomes intertwined with each believers identity.

God (the myth) is less about the origin of the Earth and more about the origin of the individual, their thought processes and emotions. Reason about other things is less personal and more on the periphery of what belief operates through.

Religion has hoodwinked the individual into identifying their personal thoughts and emotions as sourced from a myth. Threats to the myth become personal attacks. The poison is replete!

This staple diet from young - belief - becomes the individuals daily mind-emotion reference shelving for all information intake.

The stance of the non-theist is identity threatening. Reason has been inoculated against, due belief, in respect of belief.

The whole concept of unbelief, to a believer is more than a tidal shift they are being asked to comprehend. It is a life changer and likely involves some pain, maybe great resentment and resilience from tribal others still hardwired to the dogma, to an extent they have already in-built catastrophic ways of dealing with such rational threats - you will be excommunicated etc. - even honour killed!

Belief is out to subjugate reason. This order of merit is essential to belief. Reason can only be employed to support belief or to dismiss threats to belief in its perverse code.

Religion is founded on perversity. The perversion of reason! It's memes are everywhere!

Representing reason thus has a long trail to blaze and the resistance expected to be great, subversive and deceptive, plus designed to turn reform against itself, as it so skillfully does with families.

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