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Comment 21 by Crimbly

Just an aside really, but I feel very dispirited when people get called sheeple.

No reason to be dispirited! Most sheeples are well beyond responding to reason (at least in the short term). The use of the term is to identify their mind-set to others.

I've never meet a sheeperson in my life, where are they all at?

There were several sheeple authors mentioned in the OP. - Like sheep blindly copying their lead sheep when it jumps over a shadow,

Thousands of them were lead to their deaths in the first crusade!
Their modern equivalents rush to mindlessly attack any "heretics" their leaders point out to them!
Thinking through issues, or objectively seeking facts, is not on their agenda. They are simply their preachers' cheerleaders, with reflexes conditioned by indoctrination! - The People's Crusade is part of the First Crusade and lasted roughly six months from April 1096 to October. It is also known as the Peasants' Crusade or the Paupers' Crusade. Led by Walter Sans Avoir and Peter the Hermit, the army was destroyed by the Seljuk forces of Kilij Arslan.

While Urban might have expected a few thousand knights, he ended up with a migration numbering up to 40,000 Crusaders of mostly unskilled fighters, including women and children.[5]

A charismatic monk and powerful orator named Peter the Hermit of Amiens was the spiritual leader of the movement. He was known for riding a donkey and dressing in simple clothing. He had vigorously preached the crusade throughout northern France and Flanders. He claimed to have been appointed to preach by Christ himself (and supposedly had a divine letter to prove it), and it is likely that some of his followers thought he, not Urban, was the true originator of the crusading idea. It is often believed that Peter's army was a band of illiterate, incompetent peasants who had no idea where they were going, and who believed that every city of any size they encountered on their way was Jerusalem itself;

The modern parallels in various cults and denominations should be obvious. - "Faith" in deluded leaders!

Comment 25 by susanlatimer - .... but the very few who acknowledge it say, "Granted, he's a heck of a scientist but he's no philosopher." What does that mean?

It means he is not a fumble-brained theologist, like the role models they admire, and have been led to believe are a fount of "knowledge" and philosophical leadership.

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