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Re Richards so called loss of memory,I think he is 60 years old now...

Actually, he's 70. Obviously looks good for his age! And certainly mentally much sharper than most half his age.

I have a theory that factual memory loss is directly proportional to subversion - which I can vouch for. I recall and analyse process very well but my factual capacity for info is spartan due the many decades of variegated subversion my mind has been subjected to. Obviously biologically, with age, this reduces to some extent, but some of the best minds I have come across are in the older generation! Keep rational, avoid subversive circular reasoning hijacking your mind - if possible - and the mind works wonders for itself!

It's the oppressive consummation of ones mind to circular reason or circular degenerative emotions that disintegrates memory and its fitness. Belief is an excellent tool for spreading its semen of mind hijacking therein.

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