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Both sides of the political spectrum have organizations who plan and spend money to inject their points of view into school education. So today its "this" document leak, tomorrow it will be another document/email leak.

Global Warming education shouldn't be given a free pass into schools. The Global Warming debate is wrought with political partisanship, mixed facts with prominent scientists on both sides. The scientific community has been caught with its pants down on this one multiple times secretively manipulating data which only hurts their cause. This topic is wrought with corporate money pandering on both sides under this President and past presidents.

I have a feeling that by the time the dust settles on this issue, we'll be ready about it in our history text books instead of our Science text books.

FYI: Don't reply to this with some global warming is real link, cause for every one of those you can post, I can find another credible organization saying the exact opposite. I can also link page upon page of big oil/Solyndra scandals all day. So don't post me any corporate greed links either.

Last but not least, don't tell me that because I haven't posted any links myself, that I'm making this up. I don't need to post the massive returns of a basic Google search into this post because you don't want to do the research yourself.

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