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Comment 2 by EvilConservative Global Warming education shouldn't be given a free pass into schools.

It isn't its stood the test of time and peer review something you will see very few AGW diners attempting and when they have they have been rightly shot down, not because of some ideological battle but because their hypothesises didn't align with reality. This is why there is little debate over AGW in scientific literature, been done already, your guys where wrong.

The Global Warming debate is wrought with political partisanship, mixed facts with prominent scientists on both sides.

Okay first name me one prominent climate scientist (see if you can without googling it not including those involved in the so called climate-gate because they received public prominence from that). If you bothered to actually read the science ie. look at the actual science not the cherry picked misdirections shoved about by AGW deniers then you would find that the science is completely sound.

Now to the really offensive comment

"This topic is wrought with corporate money pandering on both sides under this President and past presidents."

. Go look up the salary or a climate scientist. Done that? Now name me 1 who earns 10's of millions a year. Every CEO of every oil company is earning obscene amounts of money. If you want more proof that climate scientists are not making the political decisions have a look at what they suggest we need to do and by when and see how little of that is actually being done! Don't talk about the science being polluted with politics, the science isn't and it's clear for anyone with the wit to actually read it instead of just sucking on the comforting pacifier of their distorted ideology.

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