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I don't need to post the massive returns of a basic Google search into this post because you don't want to do the research yourself.

A Google search is not research:

Proof that fairies are real: 4,310,000 results

Proof that dinosaurs never existed: 6,700,000 results

Proof that earth is flat: 41,200,000 results

Maybe you should get an account with Science Direct rather than joining the ranks of the Delingpole interpreters of the interpreters (of the interpreters) of science. You would then discover just how many "prominent" scientists are against the consensus view on climate change.

Some these "prominent" biologists, chemists and physicists (and even classicists) may be great at publishing blogs about climate change which end up polluting Google searches

However their distinct lack of publishing record in peer reviewed journals is a clear indication of their lack of expertise when it comes to climate science.

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