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You are all doing what I told you guys not to do. Quoting me that your right and I'm wrong and the proof is proof. Which I knew you guys would and you all fell into the trap/mindset I knew you would.

I probably didn't explain myself properly in relation to the context of this article. There is NOT enough solid concrete proof to give evidence of Global Warming. There is NOT enough solid concrete evidence to prove "Man Made GW". There is NOT enough evidence to prove that GW does NOT exist. Its all still up in the air. 30 years ago scientists were complaining about Global Cooling.

But I'm not saying I don't think GW exists. There is as much data proving its existence as there is disproving it. I don't know what is true. Neither side has won the argument. Having said that, do we teach it in schools as fact? I don't think so. I say leave it out for now.

BTW, the 90% of scientists argument doesn't work. If I took that same reasoning and applied it to Atheism, then we the 10% of the world who don't believe in God are then wrong, because 90% of the other people do believe in God. The human race has plenty of examples showing that the majority can be wrong.

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