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No matter what the scientific consensus is and whether or not you agree with it, it should be taught to kids. The consensus is always "the best view of the truth we have at the moment based on all the given information".

Who cares if it's controversial? If it turns out to be false, then the consensus will reverse their view --- it has happened, and we have no reason to suspect the majority of scientists of dogmatism. Teach the kids what we know, and if there's anything to be said about "controversy" on the subject, it should be that no truth can be absolute... but we can still call this theory true, given the weight of current evidence.

I don't agree with this in the sense that I want my kids school text books to be filled with facts. If the fact is still up in the air, then leave it out. If I taught my children based on consensus, then I'd be teaching them to believe in God since as Atheists we are the non believing minority.

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