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James Delingpole is an idiot, who believes he is exposing evil Nazi/Commie conspiracies to push us back to the Stone Age. Conspiracies that are orchestrated by thousands of people worldwide, who somehow all manage to keep schtum about it, but only he can expose this heinous plot by the 'powers-that-be', like some low-rent David Icke (one who is considered palatable to the mainstream media). He isn't that intelligent, he doesn't do any original research, simply quoting everyone else, again, like David Icke, and has no science education whatsoever. His method of shooting down the opposition involve character assassination (often labelling them 'Nazis', or 'Commies') and insults. His arrogance shows in his little self-description "always right about everything". Maybe that was in jest, but no one is always right about everything!

Thu, 23 Feb 2012 21:56:14 UTC | #921277