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Comment 16 by alaskansee :


What don't you understand about posting on a public forum? The feeblest part of your post wasn't the regurgitated lies but the plea not to be rebuked.

Personally I think the post should be removed for the utter stupidity of shouting at people with your fingers in your ears.

Also aren't there real "Evil Conservatives" that don't want you smearing them with your thoughtlessness?

I know plenty about posting on public forums. And I definitely know about posting on this forum. Many an hour I've spent posting on these forums with facts and quotes from reputable source only to have people basically say, "I don't believe your facts."

So I don't waste my time anymore doing the research and laying the facts out for people who basically have their minds made up already. Hence my post about links and facts and sources and such. I'm not gonna be dragged into that on these forums anymore.

Which is why I tell people to do the research themselves. Some will, some won't.

The "Evil Conservative" forum name is a double stab. A stab at the religious right who find my lack in a belief of God.....Evil. The Conservative part is a stab at the Left because they hate Conservatism and endorse Progressivism/Communism/Fascism etc..

And trust me...I think way more about everything than all my Left/Right wing friends.

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