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BTW, the 90% of scientists argument doesn't work. If I took that same reasoning and applied it to Atheism, then we the 10% of the world who don't believe in God are then wrong, because 90% of the other people do believe in God. The human race has plenty of examples showing that the majority can be wrong.

The argumentum ad populum fallacy and the argument from expert consensus are in no way similar.

Appeal to belief is valid only when the question is whether the belief exists. Appeal to popularity is therefore valid only when the questions are whether the belief is widespread and to what degree. I.e., ad populum only proves that a belief is popular, not that it is true. In some domains, however, it is popularity rather than other strengths that makes a choice the preferred one.

Quality is preferred over quantity...but when has both, it's a bit of a slam dunk.

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