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Fine, that is why I posted 3. So you don't debunk the one from NASA or CBS News then. My point is made again.

Your 3rd link is missing. Can you please provide it?

In the meantime, let's look at your flood of questions that require a bit more work:

There is NOT enough solid concrete proof to give evidence of Global Warming. There is NOT enough solid concrete evidence to prove "Man Made GW". There is NOT enough evidence to prove that GW does NOT exist.

OK I will get to that later...

Its all still up in the air.

That's funny. What? It wasn't meant as a joke. OK. Let's continue...

30 years ago scientists were complaining about Global Cooling.

I will get to this later too...

But I'm not saying I don't think GW exists.

Hang on. What? You don't think that Carbon Dioxide warms up the atmosphere so that we don't live on a giant snowball?

I don't know what is true.

Yes you clearly don't.

Neither side has won the argument.

It's not an argument it's a scientific theory. There is a difference.

BTW, the 90% of scientists argument doesn't work.

Oh no - the Delingpole manoeuvre. I will therefore use the Sir Paul defence:

Would you refuse a particular medical treatment for a hypothetical disease if only 90% of scientists agreed that it was the correct course of action?

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