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Well if you don't like people commenting on what you say - stop posting. Asking people or should I say TELLING people what they cannot post in response to your posts is ridiculous, please stop making yourself look silly and intransigent.

As to your name, while I can believe your conservative friends thoughtlessly judge you on your lack of belief in their hideously evil little sick gods I have trouble believing the left "hate" conservatism. We're not in it for the afterlife, I am comfortable with many words from socialist and communist to conservative, they are just descriptive and as I have not forgotten or am currently pretending they mean something else I couldn't possible "hate" them.

Most on this forum were not brought up demonising "others" (Typically it's something the religiously inclined do - like US politicians) so your assessment of our psyche is way way off, we're positive realists. The same reason the right are now kicking up a fuss over the small request for the catholic church to treat their non-religious employees fairly when it's clearly not an attack on any religious freedom they still like to lie that it is. Must be tough having to preach to the stupid in the hope that no one that is clever enough to listen might explain it to them.

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