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I think it is very interesting the way the religious are happy to bang on endlessly about their faith in whatever God floats their boat.Yet they are curiously reticent to publicly make a big deal of their deity's arch enemy.Almost as if they fear losing credibility.

Most of these all powerful omniscient deity's do have there Nemesis. And for some deep reason the God thing can't seem to do away with the Devil type thing.

Now most good stories have a hero and a villain, Holmes and Moriarty,Superman and Lex Luther, Robbin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham,Dracula and Van Helsing.

Is it possible that the less dim witted theist's avoid mentioning their Gods arch enemy much, because they run the risk of making their deeply held belief system sound like other works of fiction.Who knows?

I like it when the religiously inclined talk about the Devil and all the little imps and all that Halloween stuff i think it really shows the childish nature of the crap that they actually believe in.

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