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Comment 9 by Paula Kirby

Why the repeated, constant, endless misrepresentation of both Richard and his views? I am in no doubt that it is all part of a deliberate attempt to deflect people from actually engaging with his arguments.

Of course this is the reason. Over at, you can see a negative review of the God Delusion by someone named J.A. Magill. As far as I know, it is still the best-rated negative review, and it reminds me of a mini-flea book. It is superficially reasonable, and if you had never read TGD, you might be tempted to think that this review represents the honest opinion of an intelligent person who had read the book with an open mind.

However, even a passing familiarity with the real contents of TGD shows the review to be a ridiculous hack-job. As many commentators have tried to point out to this guy, he grossly distorts what Richard actually wrote. Either the reviewer has a reading comprehension problem, or he has willfully lied and refuses to admit it. It is par for the course on how detractors attempt to deal with Richard's arguments.

But this is in many ways exactly what happened to Richard after he published his first book. I'm afraid that he is still explaining to people that selfish genes don't automatically equal selfish people.

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