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Comment 12 by blitz442 :

I was disappointed to hear it said humanism was something for inclusion in the upper secondary sector. I would say this is an essential to KS2 primary school ethics and philosophy!

I was disappointed to hear about the financial markets likely imposing theistic tolerance more on the world stage making it more necessary for secular investors to bow to religious markets ( we support your belief and values) in future decades.

I was disappointed to realise we need more RDs and aren't sure where they are coming from.

I was happy to hear some of the panel articulately supportive of a secular humanist future in the education of all children.

I was worried about the seeming smoke screen of "Good RE." minus how this is delivered. I know belief is easily reduced into an us versus them mindset - so analysis of belief is something I would consider an essential platform. The what each believe and why and due what evidence - including of course atheism. However I suspect few will attempt this spreadsheet version of comparative ethics and faith reduction. Thus, which children see the light of reason as applying to belief as it does to the material world is less certain. Often it can be delivered much like these debates - with much skullduggery ( B o Oxford saying poetry is evidence for myth etc.) being thrown in to confuse certain part deluded minds.

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