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emphasized textRD scored more points with his shot at the end, basically saying that labeling children (or anyone really) as a muslim, christian, whathaveyou needs to be called to the mat. This really needs to stop.

The parent that brought up the point of being able to bring up their children as they will seems to have totally missed the point: if you introduce children to a religion they will grow up thinking it is true and correct, no matter how absurd it is. She doesn't understand that you can teach anything, especially morals, without throwing religion into it, and letting ones children grow into a religion on their own.

This whole idea of having/needing RE is ridiculous, should someone wish RE they can go to the local church and study to their hearts content. Forcing this on the gov't is both economically ruinous and secularly dangerous. The more a gov't advocates a religion, any and/or all religions, the more it permits it to gain dominance despite its unrealistic teachings/views/history.

I'm writing while listening... and RD just put out something I try to put out often but religous people rarely pick up: don't thank God, thank people. Refering to Daniel Dennett's recovery, he put forth that he wanted to thank, not God, but the nurses who tended to his needs, his surgeons who healed him, the man who invented the MRI that could see what was wrong with him... thank people, who were intelligent enough to create what we need, and not those who put two hands together and pray for a miracle where we all know nothing will happen. And this is very important, to get people away from the idea that God is some sort of cure-all, when we all need to realize that miracles don't happen, man makes things happen. And these 'miracles' aren't gifts from God, but gifts from men, women, children, who are educated, who have learned the sciences, and put them to the benefit of mankind. (It hasn't always been to the benefit, i.e. atomic and nuclear bombs, but we learned from it... not everything that can be made should be made. :P )

This clown to the left of RD makes me sick, talking about evidence. Based on what he said anything is evidence. ANYTHING. Thanks to church boy, here, evidence can now be deuces wild. Evidence is anything, anything goes... all I have to say is good luck with that. You've just given license to combat rational with the irrational, logic with whim (or whimsey, whichever is closer). This is exactly what I DON'T want in a school, what we don't want children to learn, to be taught that science doesn't know everything but religion does and all you have to do is say that anything goes and that's the way it is.

RE, my ass... just one more way to spread religion and ruin the intellect.

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