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Comment 14 by digofthedump

Professor Richard Dawkins [author of The God Delusion], responding, said education about religion has value, but no child should ever be labelled by the faith of her parents.

Yet RD himself is happy to call himself a 'Cultural Anglican'.

RD is an adult. He's old enough to decide for himself. In fact, he'd been raised an Anglican, but started questioning his faith when he encountered other religious views and realized they couldn't all be true.

Comment 15 by kungfuhobbit

If the people and the newspaper seem mad, perverse, and wicked, remind yourself that you seem so to them. In this opinion both parties may be right, but they cannot both be wrong. This reflection should generate a certain caution.

The usual rebuttal to that is: what if one side really is right and the other is just wrong, no matter how accommodating you try to be? I'd like to know what you do then, kungfuhobbit.

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