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I decided to listen to Santorum's speach, and this is what I came away with...

1) "...pursuers of truth..." -... , ... , ....... OK, what that truth is I don't know. From past experience in listening religious people the truth they're seeking is God, and sure as Hell isn't scientific truth which the religious just love trying to keep down. Could be wrong, but I doubt it. So let's just file away that little comment. :P

2) SATAN is the cause of all our problems! -Yes, I know, he's throwing blame from people taking responsibility for their own actions, and using religion to scare-monger the people, nothing new.

3) Intellectuals and the academia are bad people! -I'd like to make a deal with Santorum, give me California and send all your bad academia and intellectual types there, and kick out all the religious people... see who caves first. (I can dream, can't I?)

4) The gov't ('body politeec' [roll-eyes emoticon]) has been going downhill the last few years. -My take is it's been going downhill since FDR introduced socialism to the US by way of the so-called 'Four Freedoms', but that's all debatable. I shudder to see just how much speed it would pick up after Santorum took office.

5) Materialism is bad, so sayeth Santo... I mean, The Lord. -You're quite right, Mr. Santorum. ...OK, I'm joking, you're not right. That is one of the dumbest tenets of religion and anyone who gets swindled by that line of bullshit doesn't deserve to have anything. As far as I'm concerned it's just another way for religion to subjugate the masses to the holier-than-thou heirarchy of the church. My reward is commensurate to my work and how much people make use of it. Sue me, but if I can buy a Ferrari 612 GTO (I know it's only a concept car right now, but I'm patient) then you better f'in believe I'm going to get one!

6) This is bewildering, but Santorum says that being religious means that you will be ridiculed (in some cases, and rightly so), will not be popular, and lose most if not all battles. That last part gets me, and if I read it correctly pretty much says that religious has nothing (or almost nothing, according to him) to stand on... and he knows this! Freudian slip?

7) "God spoke to me..." -Run. Just run, as far and as fast as you can, from anyone who says this. Crazy is a disease, and this dude is carrying a plague.

8) I've heard it time and again in his speech, "Have faith in God and He will have faith in you." This sounds an awful lot like pray to God and he will deliver, or in other words 'wish fulfillment'. My biggest problem with this is I don't want a POTUS who HOPES, I want a POTUS who KNOWS.

In the end I came away feeling like I just listened to a preacher for 30 minutes and got nothing out of what this guy means to do for our country other than get all holier-than-thou on us. What's crazier than that? Ron Paul is ten times as smart as Santorum, has a plan, knows what the Hell he's talking about, and no one takes him seriously. Satan is killing us, indeed. :P (*I do indeed know that Paul is religious but he doesn't use it in an effort to gain office, a very admirable statesman for that alone.)

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