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The Maldives, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, the list goes on and on but the common thread with all these countries is the Islamic condition that always retains a footing in radical thinking. They keep saying their religious book teaches tolerance but I haven't witnessed that condition by any measure of the tape. They are crazy as crazy gets and the best you could hope for would be for them to stay in their own countries but no luck there either. They love to move around and take their fanaticism with them wherever they go. Isn't it funny that you never see them standup with one loud voice to challenge the difference between the supposed tolerance of Islam in opposition to radical actions of Islamist. It is painfully obvious that the objections never show up. If they don't want to be called crazy then maybe they should stop acting crazy.

Sun, 26 Feb 2012 15:47:45 UTC | #922094