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Assiduously cultivate supernatural legends is a nice short definition what it is our Faithful friends do. And the "inventing of extravagant caricatures" for us - strawmen that they can then knockdown, ignore, or vilify with impunity is almost a meme grade phenomenon.

Case in point is the fragrant Krista Tippett, or as I have baptized her Tippett the Krista. She heads a lavishly produced Peabody award-winning (sponsored by generous grants from faith flogging organizations like the Templeton foundation) weekly show on National Public Radio nationwide in the US whose mission is extolling everything faith-based. A sort of ongoing neo-ecumenical belief-in-belief orgy. It used to be called Speaking of Faith. They changed the name of the show to On Being. I suspect to improve plausible deniability.

She has labeled Professor Dawkins and Sam Harris "polemicists and secular extremists". And even in spite of repeated requests by her audience to interview them and the late great Christopher Hitchens, she has refused. Ms. Tippett's reason: "...for the same reason I never interviewed Jerry Falwell, which is that he had all the answers for himself and everyone else. I'm not even saying that to pass judgment on what they have to say."

Here's a link if you want to test your anti-nausea medications:

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